Why consider an Unplugged Wedding... / by Arkady Sandoval

You have planned this day for a very long time now. You thought about all the little details. You’re looking forward to sharing this day with your family and friends. You want your invited guest to be in the moment with you. Not looking behind their phones taking blurry dark or over exposed images. You don’t want them to upload those poorly taken photos to social media and tagging you. Remember how much time you took to get the little details right? You deserve the right to be the first to share your day before anyone else does, and you should be the first to decide what they see.

You hired a professional photographer to capture those little details, and your professional wedding photographer understands how to get “the moment” with the right lighting. Your wedding photographer puts in a lot of effort planning photos out and creating the right lighting, they do deserve respect for their craft.

Talk to your wedding photographer about having sneak peak photos before all the edited ones, and share those on your social media when you decide.

Also, you don’t have to have your whole day unplugged but I would recommend definitely for the ceremony. Let your guests free during reception. 

Below I share a link of some photos of why you want an unplugged wedding…